“Once a man has given his best – What else is there?”

DATES : 7 – 13 March 2020

Frozen Spiti. Fast becoming the new bucket list for motorcyclists from across the world. The ‘Middle Land’ as it is commonly known, for those with an interest in history, and ‘Piti’ by the locals -this little jewel of cold desert in Himachal Pradesh is unbeatable for its stunning landscapes, remote monasteries and the adversities of the road, that constantly nibble away at your fortitude! At an average altitude of 3500 mtrs the lack of oxygen is a definite foe, as is the relentless cold. Minus 20 celsius is common at night. The winter ride through this frozen wonderland is one of the most adventurous rides in the world and not one for the weak or infirm!



Arrive in Shimla. Registration, Riders Briefing and Motorcycle Scrutiny at Motoworld.

The start at Shimla will lead through cedar forests and alpine trails to a high Himalayan Hamlet 250 kms away. Tarmac and dirt will be on the menu.

The freeze will begin as we traverse dirt roads high in the mountains. Tarmac will be a challenge with the black ice surprise! 185 kms of the Himalayan high roads. Snow and ice for the last 50 kms a distinct possibility!

Snow chains, heated grips and 3 layers of windproof clothing. All will come into play as the white surround envelopes us. 60 kms of snowed under roads will be the fight today.

A late departure once the sun comes up. The hunt is on for the snow leopard. By evening and a 100 kms later, you will realise, that of all the adventurers that dare visit Spiti in the winters, – you are the snow leopards!

The run back to warmer climes will begin. Hopefully avalanches will not delay our exit!

We ride to Shimla. To hot showers, the internet and a gala dinner. Certificates will be handed out to the survivors. Bragging rights will be yours!


Skill Levels

This adventure will require the rider to be a Level 2 rider at least. Comfortable on tarmac, dirt and other uncertain surfaces. The ride will incorporate training for skill enhancement to Level 3 as well, at no extra cost. Call for clarity on rider levels!


All adventure motorcycles are eligible. This ride is for all makes of motorcycles. Ducati Scramblers, Triumph Tigers/Scramblers, BMW GS 310 -1250, RE Himalayan etc. Contact for clarity on which bikes are suitable!


If you don’t have your own motorcycle, or cannot ship from afar, you can hire one of our BMW G 310 GS machines. Fuel included. INR 4000/- per day! Snow Chains will be provided along with the motorcycle. No gear rentals. You have to bring your own gear though. Contact for the complete list.

Ground Support

4 Xplorearth ground staff, 2 Four X Four Backup vehicles for luggage and Rescue. Two certified Instructors to  upgrade your skills. VHF Wireless Radio connect for all riders! Doctor on board and advanced medical kit with a Portable Altitude Chamber. Mechanic and essential spares.

Accommodation & Food

All meals and lodging from. 7-13 March 2020 included in the fee. Best available hotels, lodges and homestays used. Food will be local cuisine and the chance to share in the culture of Spiti will be a once in a lifetime opportunit


Level 3 rides are a test of stamina, endurance and riding skill. On the completion of the ride, you would receive a certificate from the Raid de Himalaya organization for completing an ‘Ultra-Exploration’ of Frozen Spiti –  Level 3. 




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